Mogwai collects and specializes in the wielding of balisongs (or “butterfly knives”)—a practice he’d taken up in his late teens and near-perfected since. While they don’t quite make for functional murder weapons, he appreciates the aesthetic and intimidation they bring to a fight. [ x ]

Title: Paradise Circus
Artist: Massive Attack
Album: Heligoland
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paradise circus | massive attack
love is like a sin, my love / for the ones that feel it the most / look at her with her eyes like a flame / she will love you like a fly will never love you again
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You have one ask to piss off my muse; Run with it!

Insult them. Belittle them. Mock them. Laugh at them. Threaten what they love. Black mail them. Question their life choices. Kick them when they’re down. Break their stuff. Violate their privacy. Overstay your welcome. Break a promise. Vandalise their property. Poke them. Hurt them.

                        —-Just rile them up till they SNAP!



       & the firearm would be at his side,
       sitting on the edge of his gurney with
       fingers raised to brush aside fleeting
       strands of R A V E N.

                                                      he was truly a miserable sight, once
                                                      a proud man now hooked up to the
                                                      aggravating machines that she didn’t
                                                      comprehend or U N D E R S T A N D.

       i wonder how they fixed your
       wounds without proper abilities
       like R E G E N E R A T I O N.

though impish was her fanged grin,
                                                        her touch had been gentle & brief,
                                                        as if she adored the damaged she
                                                        had caused to his chest, becoming
                                                        unnaturally G I D D Y.

       if she remembered correctly he
       had sustained severe injury to
       his chest & stomach, she didn’t
       have the heart to tell him he was
       missing a kidney aswell he tasted
       absolutely D E L  I C I O U S.

                                                              you’d never survive against a 
                                                              D E M O N.

     did she hum, leaning down to brush
       svelte tiers against his forehead,
       getting one last taste of his flesh on
       her lips. oh he was adorable like this,
       if only she didn’t have places to be &
       demons to K I L L.

with a joyful little chirp, did the stain
                                                        satin vocals sing a warning for him
                                                        to abide by next time, if he wanted to
                                                        S U R V I V E.

       ❝ don’t bring a knife to a gun fight
       & threaten her M A S T E R. ❞

                                                           firearms were deadly little human,
                                                           especially ones that had given up
                                                           their H U M A N I T Y.

( desmefsi )


                   ❛ actually, i need another
                                  3 to find my lighter. 

     he plucks the unlit smoke
     from her teeth & crushes it
     between his fingers

                        —No, you’ll tell me
                                                n o w


i don’t do cocaine i just like the smell

( anivara )


{♤};;— “I— bumped into the table and it fell off and broke.”
How convenient that the glass object had been placed right on the edge too…


                   Two minutes.
           He stepped out of the room for two minutes
           to take a call.

                                        “Do you have any idea how 
                                p r i c e l e s s
                                      that artifact was?”

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You think you know death, but you don’t. Not until you’ve seen it, ’til you’ve really seen it. It gets under your skin and lives inside you. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing.
— Cook. Rise, part two. (via thegrimsoldier)