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*cough* What's your relationship like with Mogwai?


Ask my muse questions about their relationship with another character.

Arguably, Tahno had leeched his way to the top of the game, infiltrating the minds of people in power with his charm, and sealing the deal with his leadership and bending ability. It was only fair that Tahno compared himself evenly to Mogwai—for he played fair.


It was with ease that Tahno could compare himself to Mogwai, even after evenly laying the scale with his own faults. Mogwai’s negatives always outweighed Tahno’s. Tahno had discovered throughout the years that there was a fine line between charming and parasitic. Mogwai—well…

Mogwai hadn’t quite found that balance yet, had he?

So Tahno pried, and took great joy in the prying that he did. The Fire Bender was exciting—almost like a science experiment that Tahno had been conducting his entire life. He knew better now, he knew how to play games derived from the divine—from the sinners— and he knew how to win without dirtying his hands. 

At the very best, Mogwai was a game—somebody who believed he was playing Tahno and winning.

{ How cute. }

And at the very worst—well…

The very worst would be revealed by a mortician’s handwriting, filling the blank beside, 'Cause of Death'.


Loathing- that was all she felt for the beast before her. He wasn’t even a man in her eyes. “I may have a corporeal form at the moment but that does not change the fact that I am a spirit and far more powerful than a mere human like you could possibly hope to understand.” Such words did not often leave her lips, but she was angry and her kind demeanor had fallen to the wayside in his presence.

     ”What are you going to do? Smite me?”

     Laughter—so ailed and uneasily addressed, that it seemed to swallow the entire roombubbled from the young man’s throat and shook his slender frame. He wrapped an arm around his ribs and leaned back against the wall.

     ”ƲισƖєηcє isn’t in your nature; both you and I know that well. So spare yourself the embarassment and drop the little act of intimidation. Your attempt to unsettle me was laughable at best.”

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His teeth are sharp and painful as they dig into the flesh of her neck, the former princess’s eyes shutting tightly as a hiss of pain escaped her. Her hands came between them and she pushed him away from her, then covering up the place his teeth had marked her with a hand as she glared at him. “How dare you think you may lay hands on me?”

     Mogwai stumbled back with a chuckle and shook his head, lifting his left arm swipe away the dribble that had fallen from the corner of his mouth during their brief moment of unwarranted intimacy. “I must say, I am a little disappointed.”

     His lips drew back into a wide, toothy grin, and his tongue slid across the front of his teeth. Dark, hunger-glazed eyes refused to leave their uneasy prize.

     ”I always imagined you so much S W E E T E R.”



     Oh, of course. Mommy and daddy said I shouldn’t talk to strangers. 

                          Someone might get hurt. 


               Was this kid 
      threatening him ?

                                      “Where th’ fuck are you supposed to be?”

Title: Cellophane
Artist: Sara Jackson-Holman
Played: 3163 times

a person of unnatural or extreme
ugliness, deformity, wickedness,
or cruelty


            Whistle while you work.

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Your art style is really cute! Can you draw your muse?


omg thank you!  i don’t really consider myself an artist, but i love to doodle when i’m bored  。◕ ‿ ◕。

here’s my try:

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