Title: No One Believes Me
Artist: Kid Cudi
Album: No One Believes Me - Single
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( outofsanity. )

     i apologize (once again) for the unannounced mini-hiatus

     school just started back up last week & things are really hectic at the moment. between homework, college applications, job hunting, and my athletic & social life, it’s become extremely difficult to find time to write on here (though it is a treat when the opportunity presents itself).

     as of now, i don’t plan on abandoning this blog, but the activity on here will most likely remain as it has these past few weeks—spotty.
     those of you who’ve chosen to stick with me in spite of these things are incredible & your patience is truly commendable.

     thank you so much for understanding,
           —— crissy


I reached 1.8k a couple days ago; so, to celebrate, I have made yet another follow forever.

Friends:  my friends list on my last follow forever was only 6 names long but it got this big... I love every single one of you okay –more than I love kainora ;u;



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sister-equalist asked ;  
☤ (from whoever)

     ”Higashi, how wonderful of you to visit.”

     A cynical smile painted Mogwai’s lips as the doctor approached, momentarily subsiding the incessant pang of boredom that seemed to swell his chest nowadays. With no activity to sate, it was truly maddening; seeking constant relief. Seeking

                                                               E   s   c   a   p   e   .

     ”Tell me, did you finally abandon that hideous little wreck of a lab in pursuit of a real career?” He draped his right forearm across his left knee and cant his head; curious. “No, nohow frivolous of me to think.”

     ”You’ve a heart too big for those precious pets and poor, adopted children.”

My character has been committed to an asylum. Send me ☤ for their reaction to yours visiting them.

( smoothandshadyshin )

Shin was laying on the cot, hands behind his head. He glanced over lazily as his new cellmate was thrown in. He gave him a quick up and down look. Some fresh-faced, young start-up, looked spoiled, probably white-collar crime.

He’d be somebody’s bitch within the week unless he had enough money to get some connections working for him on the inside. Shin paused a moment, glancing at the man’s face again. Those eyes didn’t look like the eyes of a white-collar criminal. He suppressed a chill and glanced away from him.

He gave a casual, half-hearted wave, not moving from the cot. “Name’s Shady Shin. Welcome to the joint. I’m probably the only friend you’ll have in here, so don’t get used to the niceties, eh?”

     Mogwai cast the rather sociable detainee a cold, dismissive glare and strode to his cot, but otherwise made no move to reply or introduce himself. The manin his eyes—held no value greater than a living, breathing sack of rocks; occupying space and expending useful oxygen.

     But perhaps, he would prove for entertainment.

     Placing what little belongings the institution provided him on the mattressless metal shelf, he withdrew his hygiene-related products (a bar of soap, basic toothbrush, and generic tube of plain white toothpaste) and crossed the cell floor, stopping at the sink. Without sparing a glance behind him, he swept Shin’s belongings into the toilet and replaced them with his own.

     ”You’ll have to forgive me. I’m not very good at sharing.”

Title: Heads Will Roll
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: It's Blitz!
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psa on formatting;; i don’t give a frick frack didily dack paddy whack what sort of formatting you use when we write together, whether you’ve got fancy shit up the wazoo, or whether it’s just straight up plain. however i style my own is simply a personal choice, because i enjoy writing that certain way. never feel the need to do the same, or to tart up your own style. you’re all precious unicorns in my humble opinion, so just spread the love       !! peace, bruh.


I find it so incredibly mind-boggling that I started this blog about six months ago and I already have 900 wonderful followers. My muse is a female original character and I really didn’t expect over 100 (or 50, tbh). I’m ecstatic that so many of you have taken interest in a character of my own creation. Thank you for sticking with me through my chaotic days, my low days, and everything in between. Thank you for not being mean when I forget about threads or when I take forever to reply. Thank you for giving me a chance. u v u

              Bae City, Hunty Nation. 

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         ❝And again, I’ll repeat… I don’t care.❞


            ❝Such a LARGE attitude for a
               little nuisance.