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"I’m trying to imagine you with a personality."


"You wouldn’t recognize a human emotion if you spent an evening in an opium den listening to a soap opera."


{ sometimes i want to punch mo in the face bc if you ask him a simple question, 9/10 he’ll give you some long, completely inane response without actually answering whatever it was you were asking— }

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Are you happy?

     "Happiness is subjective,” Mogwai droned, picking a loose thread from the vermilion, silk tie knotted around his neck. “It is abstract, conceptual… metaphysical. What you perceive as ‘happiness’ may very much be different from the man beside you—and the man beside him.” His dull eyes turned to the stranger. “And then, there are those who do not identify themselves with such a concept. The cynics—the realists, who see the truth—such as me.”

"Happiness is illusory, but so long as the world looks through its pitiful, rose colored glass, will it remain genuine.”

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flames everywhere

What tattoo(s) could you see my character getting/having?

     { i love how specific this is;
            —NO but i’m actually laughing really hard though bc imagine Mo sitting at the parlor and the tattoo artist is like, “so what’ll it be, sonny?” and he just says: “flames” and the guy gives him this really puzzled look and he’s like, “flames?”

      ❝  yes, flames everywhere  

What tattoo(s) could you see my character getting/having?

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